PlayStation App

PlayStation App is an application that helps you connect your device to the PS4 system. The app helps you browse the PS Store and push download to your console, register for tournaments, check your friends' list to see who's online, text other gamers.

Features of PlayStation App

The app helps you register for tournaments easily, check your friends' list to see who is online to help you chat with them and join the team.
The app helps you manage your PlayStation account settings, you can easily update your PSN profile information, perform parental settings to keep control of children and families. other possibilities.
Browsing the PS Store just got easier, making purchases and entering coupon codes, and pushing the download to the PS4 remote system to get your content ready and waiting.
The updates occur regularly so you always get new things. You will receive the latest PlayStation announcements and game releases on the PlayStation Blog, check game invitations and friend requests. For your announcements, signing up for tournaments and checking schedules and even texting your gaming friends with the companion PS Messages app is easy to do.
This is an official app developed by Sony that allows you to bring the PlayStation experience anywhere on Android devices.
Through the app, you can see what your friends are playing at any time so you can compare achievements with them and check your profile and recent PlayStation Network activity.
The application helps you use your mobile device like a keyboard when you use PlayStation, this will help you play more comfortable than using the controller, your operation is faster and without being aching like using controls.

Through the application, you can choose popular games and add-ons. Use your smartphone to start downloading updates or games to the console.
This application is free and will save you a lot of money to use for other purposes. It consumes very little device memory, does not consume much space and is very safe for your device, your personal information is not worried about being stolen.
To use this application, you need to download and install the PlayStation Apk file at our website to get the correct application and not take much time to search.
You need to allow the application to access your device to install and use it.
Surely this app will bring great experiences for PS4 users. Help your website grow by recommending it to your friends.
Any application can not avoid any shortcomings, if you have questions or suggestions please contact the manufacturer to learn they improve the application more suitable for users and let the app play. further development."