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Opera Mini APK

Opera Mini APK

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Opera Mini is a “web browser” designed primarily for mobile phones, smartphones, and personal digital assistants. Until Opera 4 version Opera uses Java ME platforms, requiring mobile devices to run Java ME applications. From version 5 Opera Mini is also available for Android, Bada, iOS, Symbian, and Windows Mobile operating systems. Opera Mini is provided free of charge, supported primarily through transactions with mobile operators to have Opera Mini pre-installed on the phone, and other revenue sources such as search advertising and licensing. and mark the position of payment.

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Opera Mini is Opera’s famous mobile browser. When smartphone devices have not grown as strong as they are today, this browser proved extremely effective on older devices such as Java or Symbian (from Nokia). Thanks to its lightweight advantages and bandwidth-saving features, at the time, this browser became an indispensable application on any phone. However, when Android or iOS smartphones were born, along with the rapid development of phone hardware, Opera Mini was gradually forgotten. Although the company has released a version specifically for the two mobile operating systems mentioned above, along with upgrading and improving it, it has not been noticed by users.

– As one of the many leading web browsers used on mobile platforms, Opera mini has always affirmed its outstanding strengths.

- Extremely fast speed: Opera manufacturers have to emphasize that speed is the soul of this browser and indeed, speed is always the overwhelming strength of Opera mini. For many years, Opera mini has always led the browsers that help save 3G data, giving download and download speeds with tremendous speed.

- Budget savings: the manufacturer claims, Opera mini uses 90% less data than other browsers. That is why you should use this browser to save money to the maximum.

- Load favorites faster with browser bookmarks. You can store the websites or links you like to see for quick access later.

- The popularity of this browser makes you have a large community of connected users. Opera mini is available on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin, you can join these communities if you want to update more information about Opera or other technology news.

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How to use

1.Download and install Opera.

2.Click File then Import and export to import any settings from other browsers.

3.Press Ctrl and T to open a new tab.

4.New tabs open Speed Dial by default. Click to add a Web page to Speed Dial.

6.Press Ctrl and N to open a new window.

6.Click Tools then “Mail and Chat Accounts” to access the e-mail client, newsgroups or IRC.

7.Add-ons are known as widgets in Opera.

8.Click Tools, Preferences, Advanced then Shortcuts to configure Mouse gestures.

9.Click Help then Community to blog and share photos.