Morpheus TV APK

Morpheus TV APK

Morpheus TV APK

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Morpheus TV APK is a free streaming and downloading software for movies and TV shows. This software is integrated with Trakt (Trakt is a plugin that runs in the background of the device when you stream videos with Morpheus tv) to track what you are watching automatically. All content here is accessible from third-party websites such as, TMDB, Imdb, SeriesOnline, 123MoviesHD, CartoonHD, Flixanity, Alluc, …

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Morpheus TV APK contains a large number of movies and shows of all genres, you can watch and download most movies, videos, and TV shows without going to the theater. This will save you a lot of money and the limited time people spend on their entertainment. Movies and shows are constantly updated to give the user the best experience.

The main function of the application is to download movies and TV shows directly into the device’s memory. There is huge video content on the app where you can crawl and find any kind of video with it. Here, you can watch the shows you’ve missed, watch your favorite shows and save them in the bookmarks bar to watch later.

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The application is compatible with most different types of devices. It is also a huge store of movies and TV shows of different genres. The various videos on the application are grouped into categories for your convenience. The application is integrated with a powerful search engine. You can view popular videos recently available through the trend option.

Each video has subtitle support, there are many subtitle languages ​​in almost every country in the world. You can add the secondary and primary languages ​​to optimize subtitle support or change the font and color of the subtitles to look good and suit your preferences. This application has the ability to filter subtitles best suited to related videos.

Offering videos in HD quality, you can download and stream videos at a lower resolution depending on the memory your device has. You can add a threshold value to limit the number of simultaneous video downloads of the device. While you download the video, you can keep watching your show.

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The application is downloaded and installed quickly, easy to use along with the user-friendly interface. You can freely access different categories by using the drop-down menu on the left, checking for the latest movies or shows added to the application. Find your movies or shows from the search bar, or you can directly search from the vast library of content provided in various categories.

This is only an integrated software, does not have any affiliation with content providers, and is not responsible for the content they provide.

How to play

Morpheus TV APK is easy to use. You download and install the device will appear an application icon on the device screen. Then open and click on that icon to open the application, now you can search for your favorite programs or movies. Watch or download videos by clicking and download button in each video.