MiChat is an application that helps people exchange and makes friends become closer. The app allows you to text, call free with family and friends and seek to make friends with new friends.

Features of MiChat

The app helps you chat with family and friends and make new friends chat via text, voice, video ... When you are far away from your family, friends, for example when you are going to work abroad or you don't have time to visit them, then this app will help you like being with family and friends. For new friends, meeting and making friends in real life will be a bit difficult, you are afraid to speak directly to each other, this application will help you to escape those distances.

You can send interesting text messages, audio, documents, images, videos and icons, and share your location with friends with just one click. Anything sent in a conversation is easily reviewed at that time or reviewed at any time, chats are saved and only disappear when you delete them.

You can chat privately or in groups, each group can have lots of members. When you are on a voice call, you can switch to video calling without interruption. You can add members to the group or let them leave the group and you can leave the group at any time. Create groups that make it easy to connect with family and colleagues to exchange information and share documents.

This is a free chat application with great features, fast.

You can search and make friends with people nearby, search for people with similar interests, meet them in real life. You can share your QR code with your friends or add friends by scanning their QR codes.

If you don't like talking to strangers, you can use the friend verification mode, which only receives messages from verified friends. Then you no longer have to worry about disturbance from strangers and annoying ads.

Compatible with most Android and IOS devices and has a feature to sync between devices so that when switching between these devices, your chat messages, as well as documents or photos, will still be available.

This application integrates many different languages, it's easy to connect with all friends from around the world. Through that, you want to learn another foreign language can also easily learn, talking to each other is the fastest way to learn a foreign language.

This application is very safe and secure, all personal information of users is confidential and not published without their permission.

All apps have unavoidable shortcomings, so if you have any questions or feedback about this app, please contact the manufacturer directly so they can fix it. Additional modifications make the application even better. " MiChat also helps you to make new friends