Live Lounge APK

Live Lounge APK

Live Lounge APK

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Live Lounge APK is an internet protocol television application that provides you with movies or shows with rich content and especially has favorite sports channels with different channels like Sky Sports, Eurosport … This is a live sports broadcast application and it also offers completely free TV and movies with 1000 IPTV channels.

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Live Lounge offers movies and shows, live sports channels with extremely rich content through external links like other similar apps. It also provides child programs and access to adult content that you can block with a PIN.

The application is completely free, you do not need to pay to download and use this application. You can watch any program content or download videos without paying. Just you have time and memory capacity. This will save you a lot of money, you don’t need to watch expensive movie theaters to watch great movies.

User-friendly application, download and install fast, easy to use so you absolutely find your favorite program. You can freely access different categories by using the drop-down menu on the left, checking for the latest movies or shows added to the application. Find your movie or show from the search bar, or you can directly search from the vast content library provided in various categories.

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Thanks to this application, you can watch the programs you have missed and save them for later viewing. Moreover, you can also download videos on your device to watch later. Downloading does not affect video playback. Movies and shows here have the latest and older versions, updated regularly to serve the needs of users.

The app comes with different video quality that you can watch movies and TV series at 720p and 1080p, you can adjust the quality to suit your device.

Movies or shows mostly contain subtitles that can be adapted to different countries and provide you with different types of live TV Channels from different countries like the United States, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, …

It has Favorites, in this section, you can add movies and channels for instant access.

This application allows you to view any content without having to register for a user account.

Currently, the application is developing very fast, the number of users is increasing daily. The main purpose of the application is to provide live television to viewers around the world.

This application is not available on google play so please download this application on our website to get the best version. When a new version of the application is available, you will receive a notification, you can upgrade to the new version or keep the old version.

How to play

Live Lounge APK is easy to use, just download and install the application to your device and you can use it. Once installed, an application icon will appear on the device screen, open and click on the icon to open the application, now you can search for your favorite programs or movies. The application will help you have interesting experiences, watch your favorite shows with your family, relatives, or friends to relieve stress in life.

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