LG TV Plus

LG TV Plus helps you turn your device into a remote control for your smart TV. It helps you not to need hard controls, no need to search for controls and easily turn on your TV.

Features of LG TV Plus

Human demand is increasing, along with the rise of technology devices and smart TVs that are replacing old ones.

You are afraid to find the TV remote, no more needing, just use the phone right in your hand to turn it into your smart remote to your remote and more. The LG TV Plus application is used as complete remote control and supports most TVs. It is both a hub for TV applications and remote control at the same time. People can use the device to launch applications installed on the TV.

You only need to enter LG TV Plus, the free app from Google Play. Usage is very simple, displaying content from your phone on TV with just a push of a button. It helps you change channels, take control of your TV, check TV schedules, browse channels and personalize your viewing experience.

You can launch applications installed on Smart TV. Access all the advanced features of the TV, LG's information launch page with lots of content like weather, sports, news, and recommendations based on previous views. You can also view your mobile calendar on LG Smart TV with calendar sharing.

Your TV has many advanced features and conventional controllers that do not meet your requirements, the touch screen of your phone helps you quickly and effectively navigate the list and features of your TV. friend.

Instead of using the cursor to control, you can control as a Magic remote

In addition to controlling to watch shows on TV, you can enjoy photos, videos and music in your smartphone on Smart TV. You can view your phone's music and photos on the big screen.

Expand your Smart TV experience with the LG TV Plus app.

The remote control function allows you to operate LG webOS TVs.

Easily browse photos, videos and music on your smartphone from the LG TV Plus mobile app and enjoy them on the big screen.

You can select input/output to display content in your smartphone on Smart TV Home. Turn on / off mobile content sharing settings on LG TV Plus.

Note: This application only supports LG webOS Smart TV released after 2014. Your device TV you need to use the same Wi-Fi network. If your LG Smart TV is not a webOS Smart TV, use the LG TV Remote app or LG LG Remote 2011.

With this application, you can easily enter and search your favorite content on TV, and watch any content you want.