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Instagram is a social network specializing in sharing photos and videos, so it is designed on the basis of creating beautiful and attractive images. At the same time, it also offers a lot of different photo and video editing modes according to user preferences.

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Instagram login is a free photo and video sharing app on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. We can upload photos or videos to the service and share them with our followers or a select group of friends. They can view, comment and like posts shared by friends on Instagram.

In 2010, Instagram quickly became one of the most developed social networks today.

In 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook. This merger helps the Instagram logo achieve user growth faster than Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


With just one picture your friends can tell if your mood is happy or sad.

If Facebook mainly shares your emotions with statuses, Instagram search just needs a photo of everyone who knows how you are feeling. This is a factor that makes Instagram icons more attractive than Facebook.

Currently, the Instagram messenger has updated the feature that allows you to record your photos within 15 seconds. You can record a video for about 15 seconds and say something interesting. Currently, Instagram has not fully developed the video capabilities, but in the future maybe the video recording function will be longer than 15 seconds.

download Instagram is very simple to use, older people can also easily use it. You just need to click on Instagram, touch the camera icon, take a picture and click upload photos.

Instagram has preferred over facebook thanks to 19 photo editing effects. You can find a perfect effect for any of your photos. These effects will definitely make you feel excited and satisfied.

Instagram has an Emoji app that helps you add a smiley face or your finger pointing up to express emotions when your friend’s photo is posted without knowing how to comment.

Instagram also lets your friends know: You exist, what are you doing? Where are you going?

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With Instagram, you can see the world through other people’s eyes, which is really great.

When using Instagram you do not have to encounter spam related to advertising. Here, you will be free to shape your personal style. Even if the style is the photos do not use effects or editing.

You can safely share your photos with Instagram. You can choose from many ways to share images, such as: Share with friends or set privacy only you see. Or you can use the Share Direct function to share this image with only one person. Show that Instagram respects the privacy of users.

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