IMVU apk

IMVU is an online social chat network between people all over the world. The application was founded in 2004 and has a lot of users. You can chat and chat groups based on any location that can be created.

Features of IMVU

The IMVU app is completely free and you can meet friends, relatives, colleagues or with lots of new friends.

The app for players can make friends and long-term relationships and pay creative money with real money, real money can be earned from the items and characters that users create.

The app will suggest people for you to chat face to face, displaying your avatar, username, age, gender, and country. The avatar image maybe their image or user-uploaded image. You can make your own custom 3D avatars, animated emoticons, and text your friends.

First, you need to create a character for yourself, choose a gender, then start customizing. Choose skin color, hairstyle, hair color, clothes. The hairstyles have natural colors red, blue and purple ... along with lots of different hairstyles. For clothing, there are about 50 different types to choose from including tops, bottoms, and shoes. After completing the avatar, enter the avatar name and your email or facebook address and your account is created.

You can join different chat rooms, mention different content, chat rooms that you are interested in, you stay long or you can leave the room at any time. You can chat with other characters, show actions such as blowing a kiss, hugging the bear, hugging softly,...

There is a virtual life that can be created, that is, users can buy a marriage badge and propose to another avatar. There are many options for players, when they get married, the two avatars will have a common room, can change the name, can divorce, buy pregnant clothes and after 9 months you can buy a baby. There are specific pregnancy chat rooms.

Users can buy credits with real money or complete surveys or watch videos, to buy clothes and accessories. This can become addictive if you really want an item. Users can also purchase credits with real money.

There are content or chat rooms for adults, it contains 18+ content and requires users to be 18 years old (undergoing verification) and have a credit card to pay for a subscription.

The application has a neat and tidy layout, does not make players immersed in many animations and flashing buttons to buy items or advertise sales. It's easy to navigate around the chat rooms, view player profiles and find out where everything is.

Each chat room has an introduction info box that you can preview before entering to find the room that suits you. Through referrals you will see the language the player will speak, user name and country, age, gender and optionally add them as friends, see if the room capacity is limited with a limit of 10 people per room.

Each room is designed like real landmarks, be it a Times Square, or players can create a park and pool of their choice.

To use you need to download IMVU and install it on the device.

The application is compatible with most Android and IOS devices.

IMVU download here to not take much time to search. The IMVU apk on our website is accurate and contains no viruses."