Gmail apk

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google, you can access Gmail through applications on Android (download on CH Play) or iOS (download on AppStore), which is the most used service and the most popular to date because of the convenience as well as the management extremely close to the user.
Initially, the allowed usage of Gmail apk was only 1 GB for free for each user email, but today, Google has updated up to 15 GB, in addition, you can buy additional storage for Gmail's me too.

Features of Gmail apk

System storage capacity
This is a prominent feature that makes Gmail different from other services, as I mentioned above, now each Gmail account is provided up to 15 gigabytes for storage.
Filter spam
If you use email regularly, it is very annoying to receive spam messages and spam messages in your email, so Gmail has an extremely effective spam filtering feature compared to other services. On the other hand, it can virtually eliminate all advertising mails, cure malicious code, etc.
Connect to many services with just one mouse click
With Gmail you can connect to many different services quickly without having to register an account too cumbersome, for example, through Gmail, you can access applications such as Google Play Store, Google Hangouts, Google Plus or even Website services, Game account registration, etc.
Access Gmail Offline
What do you do to access email when there is no Internet, it's a ""small thing"" for the Gmail service when it integrates offline access for you, just install the extension called ""Google Offline ”on Chrome, you can access your Gmail whenever you do not need the internet, but there is a limitation that the latest emails will not be accessed when you use Google Offline unless You must reconnect to the Internet.
Detailed search function and many options

Another useful feature that gives Gmail an advantage over other services is the ability to search for old emails with many detailed options, so you can find the emails you have looked through correctly. more and more time-saving and understandable when Google is the largest search engine today, creating this feature and serving the users is not too difficult.
Sync with many other features
In addition to using Gmail, you can also sync with many other extremely useful extension features provided by Google such as Google Drive, Google Keep, Calendar, Google Plus, etc. ... And the beauty of Google is creating itself. closely related to each other when you use those features.
The diverse, intelligent menu system
With hundreds of emails from users sent to you, from promotional emails, important emails of partners, etc. Google has provided you a very smart utility that is the email system provided in each category. Stickers to automatically save to a separate folder when a new email arrives. "