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Facebook Lite is a stripped-down version of the Facebook app designed for Android devices with low storage, using low-speed 2G mobile networks. It can be said that this is the lightest Facebook version for Google’s mobile platform.

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Facebook lite requires less memory than the original. And it is so light that it is less than 2 MB and after installation, it can be up to 4 MB only. However, the official application version is 67 MB and can easily take up to 200 MB of memory after use. Is there a huge difference between the 2 versions? And there is no doubt that this Lite has a cleaner layout, smooth loading images, and better features because it has compressed and reduced all of Facebook’s features to the main features. come on. And the official version, if on phones with a relatively new configuration, is smooth because All use data and performance of the phone continuously so it uses 3G and 4G data a lot.


- The first difference to mention when using the Facebook Lite application is that its logo will have a white background instead of blue as the traditional Facebook logo. And its name only has “Lite” and not “Facebook Lite” as people call it.

With the early versions of the app, Facebook Lite contained a small number of icons, lacking animations and large images. It is easy to understand because that way it can “Lite”! The functionality of Facebook remains the same for this “Lite” version. You can still make four friends, like, share, comment, and post status lines every day. In addition, you can search for events, store photos, search for economic, educational, and more. Only minus points in the design and presentation of the Lite interface is somewhat outdated and not as beautiful as traditional Facebook. But for those who only need reading and entertainment, Facebook Lite is definitely an optimal choice.

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- What is the “Freeing up space in Facebook Lite” function is probably something that many people will be interested in. This is certainly a remarkable feature of Facebook Lite because it helps users to check the amount of used space and suggests deleting unnecessary items. That will help keep the application running smoothly. So Facebook Lite is not only suitable for devices with low RAM, it is also a special design for places with a slow Internet connection and minimizing data usage in electronic devices.

- Previously, Messenger was a disadvantage of Facebook Lite because the interface was difficult to see and difficult to use, but now this application has been improved a lot. With an interface not much different from the regular Messenger app, there’s no reason that users will miss this opportunity to experience this.

How to use

After setting, you can use Facebook Lite like using Facebook

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