Baixar Facebook APK gratis

Baixar Facebook APK gratis

Baixar Facebook APK gratis

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Facebook is the largest social network in the world today and increasingly trusted by many people. When joining Facebook, you can freely exchange and share information and your status. In addition, businesses can also use Facebook to promote products, sales, business, set up groups to exchange, share.

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With Facebook app, you can easily stay in touch with your friends, find friends you’ve lost contact with years ago and share all sorts of information with them: status updates, links, videos, photos, and more. So again. This exact amount of personal data has caused some trouble for Facebook over the years, with users complaining about privacy. But the privacy on social networks depends only on you: about how much information you want to share and how you configure your privacy settings.


– Update the status of friends 24/24 from the Android device.

– Easily share information, photos, and videos instantly with friends from your mobile device.

– Exchange, chat, group chat with friends on Facebook.

– Play games and use favorite applications.

– View photos, comment, and reply to comments easily with a floating interface on the image; Like this photo (I don’t like this photo) and share.

– Image sync options with the phone: sync over WiFi and 3G / 4G network, sync only via WiFi network and turn off the sync feature.

– Use short videos to make an avatar.

– Receive notifications when friends choose Like and comment on Facebook content.

– Send sticker stickers to make your personal messages more fun.

– Delete unwanted comments on your post.

-Hide articles and report spam in the News Feed.

– Fewer operations to create Group Message.

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– A new sharing link allows resharing stories from the news feed.

– Tag your friends on any post, comment, or photo.

– Support smileys, hearts, and other emoji icons in messages.

– Change the user’s avatar.

– Swipe on the screen to move quickly from screen to screen on Facebook.

– Search whenever via an integrated search button right on the screen.

– Go to the most recently visited pages (Most Recent) and other feeds via the More button on the right side of the screen.

– Like articles, photos, and pages even when offline.

– Delete the tags you created earlier.

– Delete tags that you and your friends have created.

– Feature to turn on and off article notifications.

– Support downloading high-quality images with a maximum resolution of 2,048 pixels.

– Improved personal page interface, avatars are moved in the middle.

– Allows users to record an introduction about themselves about 101 characters, appears immediately below the image, and biographical information, helping users to record their own views and statements.

– Choose 5 feature photos for your personal page. Thanks to that, users can post their best photos, or create collages to decorate the new interface.

Speaking of settings, Facebook includes some of them to customize your profile (personal data, education, jobs, hobbies, and so on) and configure your privacy, about who can access the information you publish. You can create different user groups with different sharing privileges, so you have control over your data viewing object.

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Your profile on Facebook is called Tuong, where you can share messages, photos, videos, and links with your friends. You also have real-time chats to chat with also online contacts and private messages for more confidential information.
In addition to these basic social characteristics, Facebook also includes pages for actors, bands, movies, TV shows, Internet sites, sports, activities, and many other things you can think of. , which you can join as fans. Another important factor in Facebook is apps: small apps added to your profile allow you to play online, send postcards, perform quizzes, exchange gifts, and more.

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