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Camera360 APK

Camera360 APK

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Camera360 is one of the most popular mobile photo editing applications available today. Not only is it compatible with the Android operating system and this application is quite useful for iOS, if you are using an iPhone, do not ignore the camera360 Ultimate for your beautiful photos on iOS.

Along with the development of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … the demand for “virtual living” is increasing. Evidence that these “sparkling” photos always get more likes and shares as well as praise for the owners.
Camera360 from having to say is probably the application of taking and adjusting selfie photos “senior” in the “virtual life” already. The filters are applied directly in real-time without taking photos, along with newly updated effects, stickers that make selfie fans excited. This is also the top name in the list of photo editing applications in many countries such as Korea, China, Russia … 200 is the number of image filters favored for Camera360 and much more with multi-effects. professional format, texture, image overlay.

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The app with Funny Sticker is a new version of Camera360 to improve image editing, filters, and customizations as well as bring a professional touch-taking photo of your smartphone.

The app with Funny Sticker is a free beauty camera and global photography community with over 800 million users. It contains professional editing tools and all the fun stickers and motion stickers, art filters, poster templates and video effects. Your photo studio makes all your photos more awesome with a selfie camera & photo editor!

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With funny sticker features and insert smileys into photos on Camera360, you can create funny, lovely photos for yourself or your friends, the application has countless effects such as rabbit teeth, dog and cat ears. , funny faces, …
Camera360 includes various special effects, editing tools, cloud storage services, as well as offering a variety of settings, for example using the timer space, and adjust image contrast and sharpness. You can use cloud storage services to manage, edit and share photos anytime.


New homepage: Camera360’s new home page will bring you a brief and comfortable visual experience.

Motion sticker & 3D funny sticker: Camera360’s funny 3D sticker will make your photos and videos more creative and interesting.

Challenges: All kinds of interesting photography challenges for you to take part in; Never worry about people not liking your photos! Try Funny 3D Stickers and short videos together!

Beauty & Makeup: Try our real-time makeup beauty camera. Big eyes, white teeth, charming lips, slim nose and small face … The beauty camera knows what you want! Become a goddess instantly with the default beauty and makeup photo editor.

Delicate filters: More than 100 classic photo filters to help you become a master photographer! Live filters include Magic Skin / Sky / Color, Mirror, Double Exposure, Movie, HDR, Storm, Starry Night, B&W, Bokeh, Sketch, etc.

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