Blued is one of the most popular social networks through texting, video calling, ... for gay people. This app will help them find people who look like them and move on to a better relationship.

Features of Blued

The gay community can get to know, make friends and meet. You can send text messages, funny icons, images, videos ... to others. You can call a voice or video to talk for hours. Chat with old friends, with new friends both at home and abroad, who are nearby or further away.

You need to create a personal account to use it, post your information, stories and chat with any friend. You can update your personal information regularly with photos, videos, and content to share your story and you can see the people who have viewed your profile. You can view the updates of the members, to see the content of the people near you and the people you follow through the timeline. Through it, you can easily find people with similar personalities, interests, and views to make friends and communicate with them.

Users in this application are aged from 18-40, this is the age of high demand for exchanges and making friends, they need to find a lover and get married.

The Blued app helps you eliminate your fears when you speak directly to the other person. Talking through the application will give you time to learn and get acquainted first to become closer, they can decide whether to meet face to face or not.

This application is very safe and private, you can create a private photo album (only open with the command), send a private picture (self-destruct image after viewing), send a private message or video call 1v1 or You can even open a private Livestream room.

You can immediately join chat groups, chat groups with different content with similar interests to you more easily come together. You can leave the chat group at any time if you do not like the issues the group is talking about.

You can live stream and earn income, share more of your story or simply show your talents like dancing, singing, ... so people can follow and comment on your activities. From there they understand you better and will become closer.

This application is a bridge to bring people closer so that you are lonely can find each other easily. You will have the opportunity to meet the male hot boys from all over the globe gathered here, coming closer to them with just a click of the interface.

The app requires you to be 18 years old to use it, although it strictly prohibits photos, videos or Livestream with content related to 18+ or violence. This is an open application, which includes a lot of people with different personalities and perspectives, both good and bad, so children under 18 don't have the maturity to know a good person, maybe it will be used by that person.

The application is completely free for all users and it is compatible with most Android devices, iOS, computers, and it has the ability to sync between devices so you can use anyplace, whenever you want.