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Your Personal Emoji is something that cannot be separated from chatting and text message in the digital era. You will find basic expression from standard mode on the smartphone. However, people try to express feelings or intentions in a new way that’s different from others. The user is able to create new emoticons or stickers based on existing parts in the catalog. This is very convenient to use. Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji is the basic function of this app, but you can still use the existing one provided freely. When using a basic emoticon, you have limitations based on platform, device, and app. You may have two chat applications on smartphones and use different emoticon graphics. For certain chat, this graphic looks standard, but the rest seems fancier. With different graphics and Bitmoji for a single purpose, you have the potential to put one to others. Unfortunately, such a feature is not available on many devices.

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Bitmoji focuses to create emoticons with the capability to use them in different applications. You can use existing parts to put into the new chat while the other looks similar. Another advantage is a personal emoticon with your own graphic or photo. Your friend will recognize that such an emoticon only comes from yours. Users can share their Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji to use with others. A huge library, expression avatar, and cartoon graphic are what you will like from this app.

Besides the benefits, this app may take time to process the large graphic. You only get an old catalog with a standard design. There are many variations, but they require new updates and models in order to fit user demand and preference. As an Android application, this one should be up to date with the recent system. The developer will consider such a thing ultimately as part of keeping the existing use and expanding the feature.


It uses emoticon for other applications.

It provides a vast catalog.

There are personalized Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji.

This app is available for many platforms.

How to Use

Using this app for the text message is the primary purpose of this app. You can open it, and then tap into the recent or intended graphic. It is integrated into keyboard applications, so stickers and emoticon will be on the text automatically after tapping. As usual, you can send a message directly through other applications.

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Moreover, you can create your own Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji with a photo. It is usually available for Snapchat. Take a picture, then selects a paper icon on the top area. Select a picture or photo that you want to put into the emoticon list. At the top right, you will see the T-shirt icon. Tap this icon to see the catalog and change a few Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji to get a new one. This feature lets users create their own Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji based on the existing catalog. This app is also suitable to send personal emojis known only by your own friends.