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“BeeMovie” is a funny and cute cartoon directed by Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith. “BeeMovie” received 1 Golden Globe nomination for “Best Animation” and 11 nominations at other awards.

The audience, especially the children, will learn about the world of the animal considered to be the most hard-working through the perspective of a representative named Barry B. Benson. Barry has just graduated and embraced many desires in life, rather than simply following his senior brother to join the team of worker bees at the Honex bee factory in New Hive City. That was the beginning of the golden bee’s adventure.

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He flew out of the bee world and came to the human world as he always expected. The first time he left the nest, Barry was overwhelmed by the beautiful and vast world and he was troubled by a lack of knowledge. Barry had an accident, almost died. But he was fortunate enough to be helped by the flower owner Vanessa, Barry, who broke the rules of bee ancestors: not to talk to humans. The friendship between him and Miss Vanessa became closer and closer when Barry discovered many people buy honey at the grocery store. He was even more shocked to learn that people stole honey and made money with this. Too angry, he decided to call justice for fellow humans by suing people.

After a tough court battle with the evil lawyer, Barry, with his intelligence, brought victory to the bee, forcing humans to pay honey. The happy moments passed quickly because when there was so much honey returned by humans, bees no longer knew what to do and lost the purpose of life. Bees are now just lounging out there enjoying boredom rather than diligently collecting pollen. No longer be pollinated bees, plants leaves quickly wilt. Barry and Vanessa realized their mistake and tried to correct it with the response of the bees.

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A gentle story, clear meaning along with beautiful images, “BeeMovie” is not only suitable for children but also appeals to adults because of the highly educational storyline, and fun rhythms. The film gives children a dreamlike world with the sound of a fairy tale with flying dreams.

With “BeeMovie,” Seinfeld wants to introduce people to an organized creature. The spirit of work, orderly order, and putting the interests of teammates above personal interests is what the film wants to tell the young viewers when watching the movie. The structure of the story and the humor in the film has many levels, making each audience feel and see the beauty of the film from different perspectives, depending on age. The crew also invited the famous host Larry King to voice the broadcaster bee named … In addition, there is also “TV Queen” Oprah Winfrey voicing the character of judge Bumbleton. The dialogue in the film is very funny and gentle sarcasm.

“BeeMovie” is made using the 3-D technique. Although it did not have a high score, the film was recognized by many critics as a film suitable for children.

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