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APUS Camera is the new version of Ace Camera, Camera, and photo editor that is one of the important things that everyone needs in Android. With a beautiful camera and photo editor, you can edit photos to suit your needs as it has many features that can be used to upgrade your photos. The camera effect in the app is also great because Ace camera is an application that optimizes and edits your android camera. Therefore, the photo you are taking looks great with filters and effects.

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- High-resolution camera: APU Camera will take a picture as soon as you touch your screen. No lag, no lag.

- Professional Grid function: With the help of the beautiful part, you can easily take good pictures of yourself.

- Personal Moment: You can use the camera to record your beautiful memories, once you set your photos to the public state, they can be shared to every corner of the world.

- Collage Maker: Different types of collage art can be selected by you, including fashion & classic patterns. Combine multiple photos into one collage using in-app template, text, and layout options.

- Colorful Poster function: APU Camera has over 140 different posters. You can put your photos in a Poster Maker, and then you will look like a superstar in fashion magazines.

- Funny Stickers: Lots of suitable stickers are preparing for you, such as Tattoo, Muscle & Emoji. You don’t want to be the most fashionable of your friends? Come to see and add them to your photos!

- Perfect Mirror function: Do you want to see photos as you have a couple? Or do you want yourself to repeat multiple times in a photo? APU Camera will help you make many different mirror effect photos.

- Editorial effect: Newly added function blends and distortion functions will bring you a brand new photo editing experience.

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- Make up: Real makeup effects! Using makeup features, you can give yourself a make-up – from enough lipstick, eyebrows, eyelashes, blushing, eye shadows, eye liners, and monoids. You can use the automatic mode, quickly get beautiful makeup.

- Instant beauty: APU Camera not only provides different beauty level choices, but also helps you get perfect skin, sparkling eyes, straight nose, and teeth whitening, etc. in one click!

- APU Camera provides all the creative tools for free and makes it easy and fun to make great pictures. Download and use the APU camera to become a photographer now!

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How to use

To use this APUS Camera for Android is not difficult. You only click the apps and then shot the picture. After you shot the picture, you can use the features of the apps including filters to get the best effect and quality. You can edit if the result of taking the picture is not good.

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