Amazon Prime Video APK

Amazon Prime Video APK

Amazon Prime Video APK

Download Amazon Prime Video APK
Download Amazon Prime Video APK

Amazon Prime Video is a popular movie service in many countries around the world.

Amazon Prime Video is provided free of charge to customers who use another of its services, Prime. For an annual (or monthly) fee, Prime offers benefits for users such as faster delivery times – when shopping on Amazon, discounted prices when shopping by e-commerce. However, Prime is only available in certain countries but not globally. Therefore, Amazon decided to bring Prime Video to countries where Prime is not yet available. Prime Video costs $ 5.99 / month. Currently, Amazon is offering half the price in the first 6 months to encourage users to sign up to use. You can also try it for free for 1 week. There is also an Amazon Prime Video package that comes with Amazon’s Prime Membership account, $ 99 per year, which is about $ 11 per month.

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Amazon Prime Video is available through the app on iOS, Android, on Amazon’s own hardware devices, some smart TVs, as well as on

TV shows and new episodes being aired on Amazon Prime Video on a single day brings great viewing pleasure, so don’t have to wait every week for new episodes. Also, you can download almost any series you want to see quickly when you’re not using data. If you are an Amazon member and not a paid member of Amazon Prime, you can only download selected pilots to watch the Prime Video app.


Amazon Prime Video allows the offline download video to watch anywhere, anytime.

Cast from your phone or tablet to the big screen with Chromecast

Amazon Prime Video has a “traditional” interface so selecting a movie is simple. So there are new titles you have to rent or buy to watch.

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The content stream speed of Amazone Prime Video is quite fast, allowing the offline download to watch when there is no network. Currently, Amazon Prime Video can only save 2 videos or TV Series at the same time.

Amazone Prime Video allows us to select different qualities to suit specific situations, good image quality. Regarding streaming, the three options are Best 5.8GB / hour of video, Better 1.3GB / hour of video and Good 0.6GB / hour of video.
Amazon Video has download options: Good about 0.3GB / hour video, Better about 0.6GB / hour video and 0.9GB / hour video.

Talk about an original programming program. Amazon has enhanced its game in recent years and created some of the most talked-about non-Thronespel series.

Amazon is also unique in that it supplies power to its television pilots. Subscribers can see all of the pilot parts Amazon has produced and vote for the people they want to see turn into a full season. It’s a good idea and someone subscribing to Amazon feels more social than any other service on this list.