Adobe Lightroom apk

Adobe Lightroom is a free photo-taking and editing application. You can capture and edit beautiful photos, to your liking, with easy-to-use tools like sliders and filters for photos. Photo editing application makes it easier and easier, you can edit photos anywhere even when you are traveling, exploring, working or on the road and share with everyone. about your photos.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

The Adobe Lightroom app allows you to shoot with advanced shooting modes such as raw, professional, and HDR to achieve quality photos.

The app helps you edit full-resolution photos anywhere on your mobile device, web or desktop. Many tools will help you edit quickly and nicely according to your creativity, choose from exposure, timer, instant presets, add additional images such as funny icons and more and more.

You can adjust the lighting and color of the photo by touching and dragging the slider to adjust, apply filters to the image and more. Fine-tuning and adjusting colors on images will make them more prominent and beautiful.

You can adjust the size and aspect ratio to frame your photos through the crop and rotate tools.

An advanced image editor that helps you edit every detail. You can create photos with lines by adjusting the perspective of your images with vertical slide, geometry guides, and geometry slides; Take control of your images by making selective adjustments, removing anything from your photos with the Healing Brush. Correct any part of the photo with a finger or a stylus.

You can learn how to use the tools by completing the step-by-step lessons curated by fellow photographers.

It uses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically tag and organize your photos based on the objects or people in them and also features organizational tools like ratings and flags so you can highlight the photos you like best and create albums with one click so that will save you a lot of time and you have a lot of time focusing on photography.

Cloud-based image editor, it backs up both your original and your edited photos to access them on other devices, organized with searchable keywords automatically applied without encountering trouble tagging.

You can easily create and share a group Album where you can invite others to view and contribute to the album and easily display your photos online.

Adobe Lightroom download is quick and easy to use, it is compatible with most devices including android and IOS and Adobe Lightroom free so it has been used by a lot of users. Download Adobe Lightroom and free Adobe Lightroom saves you a lot of money and time.

This application is very safe, all your images are not exposed to the outside if you do not leave it public.

Regardless of the application, there are inevitable shortcomings and it is not excluded, and for the application to be further improved, so if you have any questions or feedback about this application, please Please contact the manufacturer directly so they can improve it better. "