Earn to Die 3

Welcome to the hot and popular Earn To Die 3 games. Thought to have escaped from the zombies after finding the abandoned helicopter.

Earn to Die 3 for android is a fantastic racing game with an awesome dessert and zombie survival theme. Earn to Die 3's mission is still the same as the previous version, players will have to drive through hordes of zombies through many rugged terrains to reach the rescue ship, all you do to try to survive. At the beginning of the game, it will put you in the desert where you only have a broken car and a set number of cars. Your task is to destroy the number of zombies that appear on your way. In this version, the zombies are smarter and will do whatever it takes to let you fall out of the car. Join the game and unlock cars and upgrade weapons to be able to kill zombies more easily. You own a powerful dune buggy and you must traverse through the immense desert – the only problem is, however, is that you are surrounded by flesh eating zombies! You can see a rescue helicopter in the distance though so you must drive off and smash through the zombies to reach it!

最初,你不很远通过僵尸砸在你的车被损坏出行。对于每次运行你完成,但是你赚取现金 - 您可以使用这些现金购买升级,以提高您的车辆的耐用性。最后,您可以购买全新的车型也和一系列的致命武器。你能逃脱干的和危险的沙漠,到达逃生运输?


特点赚死3 APK

- 有趣的动作游戏

- 美丽的图形,诱人的魅力

- 在游戏中许多不同的位置不无聊

- 许多不同的僵尸会阻碍你

- 多种武器系统可以装备您的车辆

- 许多的升级改进车钱,并增加火力

- 汽车驾驶游戏到达直升机,同时沿途捣僵尸

- 附件购买,如速度助推器和武器的大量

- 可购买的新车型,其中包括一个强大的卡车

- 挑战模式来播放你完成故事模式后


- 使用箭头键来控制汽车

- 使用X或Ctrl键加速硝基。

- W或向上箭头加速

- S或向下箭头以制动

- AD或左/右箭头tilte