ARK: Survival Evolved

Produced in 2017, Survival Evolve is an action adventure survival video game developed by Studio Wildcard, in partnership with Instinct Games, Einfo Studios.

Ark: Survival Evolved apk is set in prehistoric times in the open world survival genre. After a disaster, you and many other players drift to an ancient island with massive prehistoric creatures. Here, players will have to learn to survive in very weather ... "mental": The day is as sunny as fire and the night is cold bone. Learning how to exploit resources, find food, build bases is the most essential. Not only that, you and your teammates will also have to learn how to hunt prehistoric super creatures such as dinosaurs, mamut elephants, super shark, extinct beasts, eventually overpower them. All with only one purpose, gamers will have to exist in this place.

Discovering the vast world with the opportunity to hunt and train dangerous giant creatures, Ark Survival Evolved soon built in the hearts of gamers a dramatic and exciting game world. That is also the premise to make this game straight to the Mobile version after that. Players will have moments of great game experience for the PC version as well as Mobile.

After a long time of release as Early Access, the game was finally released on the official version today. Although it has encountered quite a lot of virtual noise because of sudden price increases, but can not deny the appeal and attraction of the game. Although the credibility of the game is only 67%, this is still a game worth the money.

Features of ARK: Survival Evolved

Tame, train, breed and ride dinosaurs in a living ecosystem

В поисках пищи и питья, от суровых условий погоды

Горнодобывающие, строительные работы, настраивая элементы

Разведение, селекция и развитие

Вызов конечного существа

Богатый племенной строй

Есть элементы ролевой игры жанра

Исследуйте огромное пространство

Sharp графика

Как играть КОВЧЕГ: выживание Evolved игра

Левая кнопка мыши: атака с главным оружием

Правой кнопкой мыши: использовать вторичное оружие / цель

Q: Переключитесь с помощью кулака, удерживая оружие и наоборот

R: перезагрузка

G: перетаскивание мертвые или бессознательные тела

Левый Ctrl: использование оружия ближнего боя, такие как голыми руками, плетьми, инвентарь

N: включить / выключить аксессуар оружия

От 0 до 9: использовать оружие, инструменты от 0 до 9 на панели дисплея оборудования

'?' Ключ: включить круглое меню для выбора пунктов меню с помощью мыши