Zombie Tsunami

You must be no strangers to zombie games like Zombies: The Last Stand Lite, Plants vs. Zombies. Zombies, Zombies Live ... In those games, players often play the main role, destroy zombies to protect the peace of the world but in Zombie Tsunami apk, we will play as fierce corpses throughout the city. city ​​to eat human flesh.

Zombies Tsunami is an endless running game in which players need to control a group of zombies to keep running. But one point you need to know is that the number of zombies you have depends on the number of zombies you eat.

Start with a single zombie running on the street, chasing the living and adding them to your zombie group. The more zombie forces you have, the more gold coins you can have, pushing the cars containing more people at the same time, the player also has the opportunity to run longer. But at the same time, you also need to avoid many obstacles, such as cars and buses ... Make sure the number of zombies in your group.

Take advantage of the rewards and power up to activate Giant Zombie with multiple lasers fired from its many eyeballs, sneak around cities as a Ninja netherworld, or clone members who hoard zombies your UFO.

Zombie Tsunami has a similar gameplay, similar to Temple Run, is also a way to control the character running, jumping from one ground to another, overcoming obstacles, eating gold, items ... However, Temple Run There is no limit to the door, but the player must run forever, earning as many points and as much as possible, and Zombie Tsunami has each door and each task for the player to try.

FEATURES Zombie Tsunami

- Move and create many Zombies along the way

- Flip obstacles like cars, buses, tanks ... to eat people hiding inside

- Control the Zombie army through obstacles and deep holes

- Support more than 300 tasks from easy to difficult

- Win many different medals and titles

- Upgrade into Zombie generals with high levels of Ninja, Balloon, Bomb and Giant

- Fast playing speed, sound, high quality images

Zombie Tsunami game is very funny, in which the combination of high quality sound and images along with fast, unique gameplay gives players effective moments to reduce stress. Download Zombie Tsunami now only supports 3 most popular mobile platforms today: iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but you can still play Zombie Tsunami on PC with the version via BlueStacks emulator. Overall, this is an interesting game worth downloading and experiencing.