Zombie Outbreak Simulator is a simulation strategy game with the task of customizing its own zombie outbreak along with Google Maps for real world locations and scenarios. Watch a zombie outbreak take place in the real world environment and change the outbreak parameters to your liking.

Zombie translators are watching zombie viruses spread around the world. Change parameters and see results. Get ready for the zombie apocalypse in this game for Android. Choose one of many satellite maps and a zombie outbreak model of the virus. Change settings like the number of zombies, the incubation period of the disease, the number of police officers in the city, the presence of weapons among the people, etc. Each parameter affects whether people will be able to destroy the zombies. Conduct experiments in different parts of the world.

Zoom in and out to track the infection as it spreads on the map! View from high satellite view to get an overview of infection, or zoom right in and see when civilians flee, shoot at zombies and are definitely infected. Tracking people only hope - local law enforcement, as they fight against overwhelming odds.

To select the least part of the globe with the support of Google Maps, you start with Zombakov Therapy, in which you can participate in developing specific events. Distribution of resources applied abroad Subtle military monitoring, police and rapid response, population and displacement of infected swamps.

Join the action of fire rain from above with Mk81 and Mk82 bombs, powered by A-10 Killers tanks! Paratroopers enter the road ahead to protect civilians. Deploy helicopters to rescue civilians before they become overwhelmed.

Make your very own simulator and program a zombie outbreak in real-world locations, then design or set parameters for both the living and the undead. From the settings menu, you set the following parameters; civilian population, armed civilian population, initial zombie count, zombie speed, police numbers, ground troops, etc.

From the Screen settings, you can change the following parameters:

- Population

- Armed people

- People exactly

- Number of original zombies

- Zombie exploding direction (N, E, S, W, Wide Map)

- Zombie speed

- Time of infection (how long it takes for infected civs to turn into zombies)

- Number of police officers

- Police accuracy

- Soldier accurate

From the Map Select screen you can choose from:

- 15 online maps, using Google Maps

- 5 offline maps (play anywhere even without an Internet connection)

- More than 2,500 player maps using Google Maps, which can be zoomed in and out at will.


- Is a killer timewaster

- zombies plus Google Maps by fun

- is a great idea, no matter how zombies face everywhere can "- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

- Favorite Apple employees in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and 14 other countries

-Top 5 in simulation and strategy on iPad

- Many real cards

- Good control

- Great graphics

- Original gameplay

The free version of this app includes limited features, with in-app purchases for upgrades to unlock full functionality. Initially you have access to two maps (online, one offline), limited translation settings, and a limited number of bombs, soldiers and helicopters.