Zombie Gunship Survival is not only a first-person shooter game but also a unique and different game.

In Zombie Gunship Survival, you are a gunner on a military plane, the last line of defense between zombies and the human world. Your mission in the game is to kill zombies before they kill and reach your military base areas. You will control the weapon system on the AC-130 aircraft to destroy the wave of zombies attacking humans on the ground before they reach the safe tunnel. Gather resources from friends dispatched to build your own military base. After completing each mission, you will receive a reward and they can help you in many things like upgrading weapons, receiving equipment awards, ..

Zombie Gunship Survival has the most advanced armed equipment with about 30 types of artillery, rockets such as: AKM, cannon, sniper gun, ... At the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with three types of weapons, they are: 25mm autocannon, 40mm automatic cannon and 105mm shelling. You can then rely on the amount of money earned from completing the mission to kill zombies to upgrade weapons and equip yourself. Depending on the speed and range, the type of zombie you can choose the most suitable weapon. Zombie Gunship Survival has two types of zombies: small walking zombies and large zombies running very fast. You can encounter them in different maps with different difficulty levels. To destroy them you need to have a specific strategy appropriate to the characteristics of each map. Use the strongest weapon you have and teach the zombies a lesson.

Currently Zombie Gunship Survival includes 4 types of maps for players to freely choose. Each map has a safe shelter, or cleverly taking people there before they are eaten by zombies. Especially each map has its own difficulty, we have to find suitable strategies to conquer them. Because of this, Zombie Gunship Survival has received a lot of positive feedback from users.

- Bunker Charlie: The configuration of this map is surrounded by hills and mountains.

- Bakersfield: is an industrial power plant, there is a train that runs through it every few minutes.

- Pleasant Acres: including roads around the house.

- Lockdown: is a newly released map, it is like a big prison with surrounding walls.

Zombie Gunship Survival has high quality 3D graphics, realistic picture quality. The whole game is a gloomy dark tone with two different modes: BHOT zombie mode is white, people are black, and WHOT mode is the opposite. The color of the game is the same as when you use infrared to see everything at night. Players can switch between modes to bring the best experience for themselves. The sound part brings the thrill and special attraction of Zombie Gunship Survival. I feel quite creepy every time the mysterious music of the game is played.


- Kill zombies and protect your infantry in stressful situations

- Unlock scary weapon collections.

- Building a remote airport into an airfield and safe shelter for survivors.

- Protect your base from zombie attacks.

- Disgusting crazy fire to the ground.