Zombie Castaways

Zombie Castaways is an adventure game simulating unique zombie love on Android. Let's help the friendly Zombie guy in the game to become a person and find the true love of his life.

Developer Vizor Interactive has launched Zombie Castaways, a zombie-themed simulation and farming game on mobile. This game is a sequel to Zombie Island, a game on Facebook that has been played by more than 70 million people. Zombie Castaways followed a zombie who loved a girl alive, and now has to brew Zombium to become a human and win her heart.

A friendly zombie falls in love with a girl and sets out to search for the Zombium to become him.

The world of zombies is vast, bright and full of funny characters and animals. Explore magnificent islands and find your way through the bushes to get closer to solving Zombie's secrets. Grow unusual plants, fruits and flowers to cook Zombium. Build world famous buildings, complete missions and decorate your island to become Him and find your Love.

There are many islands on Zombie Castaways. Famous islands include Star Island and Harvest Island, which have a limited time span of 14 days. Love Island and the Big Land are completely permanent, and other islands are based on progress.

Features OF Zombie Castaways

Zombie Castaways allows players to explore a variety of tropical islands as they collect and devote tools to clean up debris and collect construction materials and resources. Players are guided through the game by quests, which can ask them to plant, repair ruined buildings around the island, and more. Users can also make new materials using the basic resources they collect around the islands.

In addition, players have access to zombie workers including lumberjack, miner, fisherman, treasure hunter and chef. These workers can be assigned to missions and they will automatically collect resources for players over time.

How to play Zombie Castaways GAME

In the game, you will find many different zombie workers helping you clear the island and build a town, like woodcutter, stoned people, fishermen, treasure hunters and chefs. You will be able to harvest dozens of unique plants and create amazing potion. You can travel to different islands in search of new treasures to reach the Land of Ancestors, become Man, then return to everyone's city and find your Love.

There are many structures that you can build. Some, like the House of Love, can only be built once. Others, like the Mill can be built as many times as you can afford. Still others, like Diamond Eye, are the treasures consumed when you finish them.