Zalo is a software that allows you to chat, text and call for free. It is also a friendly social network for Vietnamese users, especially young people. For the first time, the Vietnamese have developed a popular and popular social network. It is the most effective love search software.

Features of Zalo

Zalo app is developed by the game group - a Vietnamese gaming group. Therefore, from the interface to the words, the functions are very close to everyday life, closely associated with the Vietnamese language culture. Because of that, zalo is easy to use. Many foreign social networks are great, but to use it is a problem.

Currently, there is quite a few software that can perform this function. However, in zalo, we see a stable connection, fast transfer speeds. Veined as realtime - instantly. Used by the founder of Orange forever. The interface and language used are completely Vietnamese. You can chat with many people at the same time by creating groups, or chatting with 1 person. Save chat history for easy searching. You can send messages without waiting for your online friends.

Great looking love software

A lot of couples have come together. According to statistics, the use of Zalo download has the highest chance of reaching each other in social networks. Thanks to the "find friends around" feature that makes acquaintance a reality. Zalo displays the age allowed before making friends you can find the most suitable object. Looking for friends around here allows you to see all of your friends near you. You can use the filter to search for each girl only, or each boyfriend can be both. This is set by the user.
Is a social network but highly secure.

First, zalo is a social network that allows making friends, canceling friends, agreeing to make friends, disagreeing, blocking you. Let us post photos, moods or videos easily. You can set up for those who can see. Zalo does not display the phone number of the user. Only people in the phone book will appear. All comments or conversations are very private. You can talk freely without being peeked and judged by others.
Let's send your address to a friend.

Zalo uses a GPS navigation system, a global positioning system with reliable accuracy. When you're in a place you don't know, you can choose to send your address to a friend for help. The system will automatically send your exact address, and surrounding points, to help you determine your location.

Many lovely body symbols.

In addition to a store of emoticons such as chat software, Zalo can also send messages by drawings you draw. It provides the ability for you to do this easily.