Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel

Currently, we are living in the era of information technology boom. Therefore, making money online is becoming more diverse and richer. For example, advertising, online sales, making money through blogs or personal websites ... However, the most popular job today is Youtuber. So, what is a Youtuber?

Youtuber is the content creator, the partner of youtube. They upload videos to youtube for sharing content and making money. Youtuber work can be done at home, such as playing games or sitting in front of the computer, you just need to record and post it on youtube, which also helps you earn your own monthly income.

And certainly when it comes to this job, you will immediately think of Smosh, Pewdiepie, Dude Perfect ... It can be said that they are the most successful people in Youtuber job with huge income. So, have you ever thought that Youtuber is a happy job, does this job just need to work hard, sit down to make money ...? Hopefully, Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel will help you explain the questions and better understand this work.

Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel is a simulation game that simulates the life and work of youtubers honestly. Join the game you will transform into a Youtuber who is dreaming of becoming a famous YouTuber. Your main task is to do the work of posting videos or streaming on your youtube channel to make money through views and subscriptions from everyone. But the game is not only that simple, but players also have to take care of their characters with diet, sleep, study and work in moderation like in real life.

When participating in Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel, you will experience your own character creation system. You can choose for your character both in shape, hair machine, skin, even personality...

Next, you will create your own channel with the most popular topics and content. For example, your channel will specialize in game topics, cooking, science ... After creating channels and choosing your own topics, you must create videos that are very interesting, then edit and download them. onto your own channel. The larger the number of subscriptions, the more popular your channel is, resulting in more views, and more money. And you have to use that money to pay for living expenses, as well as essential equipment such as cameras, computers, camcorders ... to meet the needs of viewers.

Because this is a true 3D simulation game, it comes with the same features as in real life. Your character can have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, take a selfie together and post it on social networks to increase your popularity to everyone.

Not only that, the system of the store is extremely diverse and diverse with many different items for you to freely shop. In the store, in addition to the things needed to help you do your youtuber work, you can also buy clothes, buy games, upgrade your PC. Moreover, you can also order food delivered at home, avoiding wasting time on cooking to focus on your main job.

When you become famous, the more you will have to do more work, the more new content will be opened. As a result, daily activities will decrease, sometimes you will feel a bit busy and tired. But of course don't worry, when starting out, your workload is quite light, you can spend a lot of time for other things like finding a boyfriend, girlfriend, family, friends ... They will develop quite well. slow to help you get used to and adapt to your job. Therefore, when you first start, the system will give you daily suggestions and instructions until you are familiar with your work.

FEATURES of Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel

- Create channels, videos and receive money

- Dating, Selfie, shopping system extremely rich and diverse

- Make your dream of becoming a famous YouTuber

- Realistic 3D graphics

The work of becoming a famous YouTuber has never been simple. Do you want to try, live as a YouTuber and understand the problems they encounter every day? Certainly Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel will bring you extremely excited feelings. You can download Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel on your phone and the experience is completely free.