Youtube TV

Youtube TV (or TV Youtube) is an application to watch TV and online programs with more than 70+ channels in many parts of the world. You can watch shows from all over the radio and with various content. This is a paid application, but it is relatively small.

Features of Youtube TV

Youtube TV app has more than 70 channels, combining well with competitors. This is one of the applications that provide the most complete channels in all video streaming services. YouTube TV offers news channels from ABC, BBC America, CBS, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and NBC. Sports channels include CBS Sports, ESPN 2, ESPN, FS1, NBC Sports, MLB Network and NBA TV. Sports fans should check out the best sports streaming services for more options. Entertainment and lifestyle channels including CW, AMC, Cartoon Network, FX, National Geographic, TNT and USA. These include Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, TLC, Food Network, HGTV, and Travel Channel. Along with a lot of other interesting programs.

It allows you to watch on a lot of different devices like computers, Android devices, and iOS so you can watch it anywhere and anywhere.

The app uses unlimited cloud DVR storage space so you never worry about running out of storage, at no additional cost.

The application allows to have 6 accounts per household, everyone has personal login information logged on their device to view all content.

You need to pay for long-term use, or you can try it for free before deciding whether to buy this app or not.

You can change the settings of the application, adjust the brightness mode to see it in accordance with your vision.

The application has a user-friendly interface, clearly divided categories for easy use.

The Home section is where you discover content to watch. At the top of the page shows suggested content, based on what you have searched for or viewed. Below is a lot of other content.

In the Live section, you can scroll down the list of channels to see what is currently playing, the channels you do not want to watch you can also exclude via the settings menu.

On the Now Playing screen, there are many other tools for you to playback the standard, fast forward and backward buttons for 15 seconds, convert closed captioning, select streaming quality, select audio tracks and change the playback speed.

Searching for content to watch from specific genres or channels, it's helpful to have an extensive YouTube TV channel catalog, and in the upper right corner, you can access a search engine to easily find the content you love.

To install Youtube TV apk and use the application, you need to allow it to access the device. The app is always safe and secure, so you don't worry about your personal information being revealed.

All apps cannot be avoided, so if you have any suggestions or suggestions, please contact the manufacturer to make the application even more complete."