Youtube kids

Youtube kids app (also known as kids Youtube app, Youtube for kids app) is an application that helps children explore the world through a lot of online videos from different fields in everyday life. safely and effectively. This app gives parents complete peace of mind that the content for children has been censored or can be easily managed by parents.

Features of Youtube kids

Youtube kids are a repository of videos in different fields such as your favorite music and shows, videos on how to create volcanic models or how to become a magician with lots of creative activities other.

The app is full of parental controls that help you tailor the video viewing experience to your family's needs and make the online video experience safer for your kids. Use a variety of filters, user feedback, and review staff to ensure the content of videos is always relevant to the family.

Although there is a video content filtering system, no one is perfect and videos with inappropriate content can still get through the system. Therefore, manufacturers are always striving to improve protections as well as providing more features to help parents create video-watching experiences that are right for their families.

You can create up to 8 child profiles, each with its own suggested video, settings, and viewing options. If you see videos that contain content you don't want your child to see, block the video or channel to automatically remove them from all your child's profiles.

You can monitor the content your child is watching in the app, this control helps you know what your child is watching and promptly teaches them whether to watch the quiz content, it How does it affect you?

Turn on the search feature so your child can watch more videos. Turn off the search feature for a controlled experience.

Children often watch a lot of time that they can not control, this application helps you to set a timer to limit the amount of time your child can watch videos on this application.

The application is compatible with most Android, iOS devices, computers and the ability to synchronize between devices makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere.

To install and use, you need to allow the application to access devices. You should download Youtube kids apk at our site to ensure the application is accurate, error-free and does not take time to search.

This and other applications cannot avoid shortcomings, so manufacturers need user input. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the manufacturer so they have a timely fix.