Yandex.Maps is a mobile application that helps users find the address they need or the best places nearby even when you're offline, Yandex.Maps is also a place to provide detailed information about traffic on roads, cars, bicycles, or public transportation.

Yandex.Maps provide users with detailed maps of most cities in the world and a comprehensive business catalog. So you can plan routes for both private vehicles and public transport to avoid rush hours. More than 300 cities are offered offline through Yandex.Maps.

Satellite imagery and city panoramas help you find your way around quickly. Moreover, you can also search for addresses as well as cafes, pharmacies, ATMs, gas stations, and many other locations. The conveniently organized categories allow you to search for organizations to receive detailed information such as business hours, contact details, reviews, and a list of other services.

Yandex.Maps is also an application that provides users with real-time information about traffic jams, accidents, roads under construction, and radar to catch police speed. The route map will include peak hour information as well as all stops for public transport routes that will be displayed in detail.

The main feature of Yandex.Maps

- Search for locations as you like

Access a huge database of organizations and use filters to narrow search results.

Find important information like contacts, business hours, service information, photos, and reviews.

Search for locations and addresses even when you're not connected to the Internet with offline maps.

See places saved in My Places on any platform

- Customize the map view

Touch the traffic light icon to see traffic color-coded on the map.

See available parking spots on the road, as well as locations that other users have left at prices for official parking spots.

See public transport moving between stops in real-time on the map.

Choose between Map, Satellite, and Hybrid interfaces.

See locations from street level with panoramic view.

- Route for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists

Find the fastest pedestrian route by taking advantage of squares, parks, and walkways between buildings.

Follow the cycling route taking into account the type of road, crosswalks above or under the road tunnel, and warning of a way out of the main road.

Get to your destination fast, whether driving or using public transport.

Choose from a variety of route options that cause traffic jams and public transportation networks.

Voice step-by-step directions along the route, showing you which roads and lanes to go.

Get traffic camera alerts, update your current speed limit, and find out when you exceed the speed limit.

See scheduled service times and estimated arrival times at all stops.

Update traffic accident information, speed traps, cameras, block roads in real-time.

See current traffic status and distance to or from the office on the device's notification center screen.

- Offline map

Download maps to get driving directions and voice navigation when you're not connected to the Internet.

Save storage space on your device using a more compact map.

Browse the offline database of organizations in the selected area with business hours, service information, and more.

Get maps of more than 2000 cities in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

- Information from users

Mark the route on the map and comment on the content submitted by the user.

Update regularly to Public Map to get information about your city.

Write reviews or correct inaccuracies about anywhere.