Yammer apk

Yammer is a social network for businesses to connect with members of that business. You can connect with groups of people and projects in your business quickly and easily. Connect and share with team members about information, documents, videos, photos and many other important things. Also allows direct calls or livestreaming so groups can make online meetings. Connecting and sharing is fast and secure.

Features of Yammer

The app allows you to connect with people in your organization, joining project teams. Project team members can easily exchange work quickly when they are anywhere, so that the work is done on schedule.

You can create multiple groups with different topics, easily add members to the group and let them leave the group.

Share photos, audio files, videos easily without file size limit. You can take a snapshot or record a video of it to share with colleagues. You can also edit files directly from Yammer conversations with Office for the web.

Get notified of important activities as soon as they occur, instant notification notifications are sent to you so it's easy to keep up and catch up on time information.

You can set options for applications such as changing the message alert or to silence, prioritize and manage the most important messages and notifications.

The application supports 25 different languages ​​so that members in different countries can easily use and exchange information with each other.

Company leaders can easily organize meetings, meetings, training courses with members when away. Rich communication activities can be shared by organizing events for up to 10,000 attendees. The app allows people to view and interact with videos and webinars and mobile apps on both Android and IOS.

You can build communities of common interests, gather ideas and feedback, and help people stay informed, unified and constantly evolving with the help of Yammer.

The application ensures the safety of the information you share, because it possesses confidentiality and reliable compliance by control and in-depth information. Rely on security, compliance, and management features at the same enterprise level from Office 365 to help protect data. The analytics from the Office admin center and insights in Yammer make it easy to understand operations and measure impact.

The application is completely free and easy to use, you do not have to pay for any activities from downloading the application to exchanging information among group members.

Currently the application has been trusted by many businesses around the world.

No application is perfect, so this application can not avoid the shortcomings, your suggestions will help manufacturers improve the application better. "