Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail app is a mail manager that helps users save email time and spend more time on themselves. Instead of having to log in multiple times to check multiple mailboxes, users can connect all their mailboxes (including Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and AOL) to Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail inbox management application includes all the tools that users need to have a really great mail experience. This application has many colorful backgrounds, creating a pleasant feeling for users. If you find that the screen is too bright, users can customize, select dark backgrounds, or have subtle shading effects.

In the Yahoo Mail email checking application, users can customize their mailbox, manage mail according to their own style. Users can quickly access Yahoo Mail and use familiar features such as calendar, notes, contacts, instant messages, and search. Yahoo Mail's toolbar will simplify things so that users can organize, mark, and delete emails with just a few clicks, easily switch between tasks. If a user receives a new message while reading an email, simply click on the message icon to open the message reading window and can quickly return to the email when needed.

The Yahoo Mail apk email software has a useful search feature, allowing users to select among hundreds of emails in seconds. This search makes it simple and easy to find the right message, text, or photo no matter how long it has been sent or received. Yahoo Mail's search feature also helps users find files from another person. When entering a name in the search box, users will see a list sorted by interaction level via email. After selecting a person, the new and innovative search results page helps users organize and shorten email lists, documents, and files sent from that person to find exactly what they want.

Features of Yahoo Mail

- Nice interface, easy to use, fast speed

- Send sharp pictures

- Switch between Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Aol mailboxes

- Many eye-catching backgrounds

- Calendar, notes, contacts and instant messages

- An effective search feature, filtering multiple emails in seconds

- Compose with multiple formats

- Quickly attach files, documents, and photos thanks to Dropbox and Flickr

- Be reminded when there are important events

- Store 1 TB for free

- High security with SSL technology

- Block lots of spam

How to use Yahoo Mail

Just enter your Yahoo ID and password and the email application is automatically set up in seconds. The email interface has a panel with 3 main items: folders, emails, and email views. Yahoo Mail includes a toolbar at the top that has the option to move to the next, previous, draft, reply, move emails, or delete them.

You can attach photos, videos, and text in this application. Yahoo Mail has a constantly scrolling interface, you can view all emails by scrolling down. If you're using a touch screen device, you can use two fingers to zoom in or out when viewing emails.

Yahoo Mail is integrated with Yahoo address book so you can receive email suggestions when typing recipient addresses. There is also an integrated search for emails from the Chamber. You can search across all email folders.

In general, the Yahoo Mail application is a worthy application with good performance, high performance and especially supports live tiles not inferior to the email hub application.