X Plus Messenger

X Plus Messenger apk is a unique mobile messaging app designed in Telegram style, X Plus Messenger gives you the freedom to change themes, chat, and text messages for free with very high security.

One of the most unique features of X Plus Messenger is changing the theme with a variety of options. Users can completely change the color and size of many objects such as text, icons ... and create themes as you like. X Plus Messenger app brings you over 2 thousand different topics, updated daily, and categorized in many different styles. Every day there are new themes updated for users.

Besides providing a full range of features such as free instant messaging, security, personal chat with 1.5GB. X Plus Messenger also offers group features of up to 200 members, multiple channels, replying to specific messages, without providing a phone number, the user's name will be fully displayed during group chat or with any anyone.

Features of X Plus Messenger

- Choose to share directly on any conversation.

- Share directly without quoting the sender.

- Show an emoticon face icon.

- Save the file using the original file name.

- Extract when sharing videos.

- Option to use fonts.

- Select photos have shown while chatting.

- Easily become a member of any group.

- Option to change the light sensor when playing audio.

- Choose to show individual photos when touching photos in the main screen.

- Directly change the wallpaper from the chat screen.

- Option to change emoticon size when chatting.

- Select to turn off the person or group chatting directly from the home screen.

- Option to add members directly from the chat screen.

- Easily hide phone numbers from menus or settings.

X Plus Messenger app is a great choice for those who are in need of a useful, friendly messaging app, which can change themes frequently and like to keep information secure while chatting. This can be considered as a new version, the additional version for Telegram is extremely advanced and close to the user. So what are you waiting for without downloading X Plus Messenger to experience the unique features?