WWE Champions, full name is WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG is an action role-playing game with the main character is the world-famous wrestling athletes. Initially, this extremely hot wrestling game was only released on mobile platforms but now you can play WWE Champions apk for free on your computer through the BlueStacks emulator.

Turn your computer screen into a professional WWE wrestling arena. In the game WWE Champions for PC, you will play the famous gladiator to participate in wrestling climax and search for victory. Play WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG on PC to control your favorite wrestling athletes and test your skills on the ring.

To defeat WWE superstars such as The Rock or John Cena, you need muscles and a wise, sly head to brainstorm to create breakthrough moves for the character - that's the stroke Unique in gameplay combining action RPG with the puzzle of WWE Champions for Windows. Immersive nature expressed through the skill tree that the character possesses to overcome challenges and step on the podium glory. You can play games with your friends to form a strong wrestling squad or deal alone with superstars in the professional WWE world.

The WWE Champions game features fighting battles among world-renowned wrestling superstars. You will form a team of stars and lead them to the WWE ring to test their skills. Victory and the WWE warriors will become immortal legends.


- WWE gladiator role-playing game

+ Use your wrestling skills to earn XP by fighting against and upgrading your warriors, increasing their strength and customizing their individual moves and attacks.

+ Combine many skills and upgrade packages to create the strongest gladiator team, can defeat all opponents.

- Match-3 puzzles to control gladiators: Smart puzzles to create familiar moves of WWE such as Attitude Adjustment by John Cena or Rock Bottom legend of The Rock.

- Participate in global WWE tournaments and events

+ Join WWE Universe to not miss any weekly deals and attractive fighting battles.

+ The WWE Monday Night RAW and Smackdown battles are still open again with the monthly event, where you can recruit more new WWE superstars.

- Collect legendary WWE superstars

+ Owning many athletes strong wrestling and forming legendary teams in the 80s, 90s and even emerging gladiators.

+ Recruit favorite gladiators like The Rock, Undertaker, Macho Man Randy Savage, John Cena, Triple H, Big Show, Andre The Giant ...

- Fight against 1v1 or online team battle

+ Match-3 puzzle game diamond style to create attacks, add strength and defeat opponents with classic moves in wrestling.

+ Fight to easily defeat strong opponents in less than 5 minutes.

Form online teams with friends to have exciting wrestling matches.

- Create the strongest alliance

+ Team up with friends to master WWE Universe.

+ Heal wounded Superstars and give gifts to team members.

WWE Champions is an exciting wrestling game for computers with a combination of role-playing style, action with a gentle puzzle screen. Not only possessing the top WWE superstars, players can also gather them into a super-strong team to win intense wrestling matches from start to finish!