WWE 2K apk is a sports game specializing in free wrestling on Android. In this playground, gamers will be playing the role of muscle wrestlers, choose costumes and participate in fierce battles on the ring.

WWE 2K is the name, bringing you to the world famous World Wrestling Entertainment tournament, bringing together famous names like Big Show, Diva Brie Bella, Undertaker or John Cena. There, you will have the option to play the role of the famous names, or create a completely new character with a unique appearance. From here, gamers will start the journey to find glory with the most intense and intense matches of WWE.

The gameplay style of WWE 2K bears many similarities with the WWE versions on PC / Console, where gamers will participate in fierce 1-on-1 battles on the arenas, screaming by hundreds of thousands of people. see. Here, gamers will be familiar with the true WWE attacks, but arranged with extremely intuitive and easy to grasp control system. For example, swipe up and down - left to move, press and release your finger to launch a normal blow, hold the screen to brace yourself with a knock-out punch, or point directly at the stunned opponent to perform an attack. fall true nature wrestling freely.

The game's control system is simplified, the fight of the character is based on any position you touch on the screen, while other tactics such as hugging, jumping, climbing, gaining momentum, ... all through swiping the screen in the right direction as many other fighting games on mobile are quite boring.

The game graphics are quite good, not too beautiful nor too shiny, the characters and effects are very carefully done, but the audience and stage will make many people .. running long because they are no different from a log that moves up and down. But on the contrary, the sound is pretty good remake, every time you make a beautiful skill or win, the vibrant sound from the audience, the violent sound from the attacks, though a bit too much, will help. Players are a lot more motivated.

Features of WWE 2K

Multi-slide gestures allow you to create different actions for different actions, based on distance and the angle of the slide.

In addition, adjusting the sliding direction creates different attacks.

Increased reaction for movement and side missions.

Fix errors when creating a superstar.

Correct the title error.

Entrances can be turned on or off in the options menu.