Wordscapes is a fun crossword game, this game will help you review thousands of English words in the simplest way. It is suitable for all lovers of charades. With over 1,000 puzzles, Wordscapes is rated as the best crossword game, helping people memorize English words longer and deeper.

Wordscapes is a free word puzzle game that is being released for free on the Microsoft Store. The Wordscapes game requires players to match the available letters to get a meaningful vocabulary. Wordscapes is not only a game but it is also an extremely effective tool for learning English with the revision of English vocabulary learned through an attractive vocabulary.

The gameplay of the game is quite simple, similar to Word Connect, but to play well the Wordscapes game requires extremely broad knowledge players. You have to practice hard English vocabulary to have a rich vocabulary so that when the letters appear immediately recognize meaningful vocabulary to fill in the crossword.

Basically the letters that the game offers will combine into more than 1 English vocabulary, players just need to change positions or remove letters to form a new English vocabulary. Each stage will include many vocabularies formed and your task is to find all those vocabulary words to complete screen 1 the fastest.

The Wordscapes game is divided into several levels of difficulty, each screen includes many small challenges that we need to unlock. If you have difficulty with crosswords you can use the help to get some small suggestions. With each hint, we will have to spend 1 point earned in the previous task and the amount deducted will be many times higher than the amount earned, so you should consider carefully before using.

You will never have to experience the moment of blurring after trying to solve the most addictive puzzles in this game. Just play Wordscapes once, you definitely won't be able to put your phone down. Great brain challenge game. Enjoy modern word puzzles with the best ability to search words, anagrams and crosswords. It's a perfect fit for fans of crosswords or anagrams, combining the best of word search and crosswords.

Challenge your brain and vocabulary - this crossword starts easy and becomes challenging in the next levels!

Wordscapes has fairly simple gameplay, similar to the real crossword puzzle but has many interesting creative points. Players will have to swipe the letters into the right word on the circle below the screen to fill in the row of the word in question. Breaking Wordscapes is not difficult, you just need to have English vocabulary at a basic level. The game has a unique badge system, enough to stimulate players to conquer new heights of knowledge.


- Free and stimulate your mind by visiting the beautiful destinations of Wordscapes

- Over 1,000 challenging puzzles to find the right word

- Train your brain's thinking and sensitivity through levels of finding words from easy to difficult

You will not have to move the letters to each crossword, just hold down the mouse in the direction you want to match the words to bring out the desired vocabulary. This mechanism helps us save a small amount of time and create a new way of playing. Certainly, Wordscapes will be one of the very effective English learning support games.