WordPress apk

WordPress is one of the open-source websites for creating free websites, written in the PHP programming language and using the MySQL database management system. This tool is very easy to use, friendly, even those who are not well versed in programming can easily manage their website. You only need to install on the host to create a website and easily change the look of the website.

Features of WordPress

Wordpress App makes website creation easy, fast and completely free. You install on the host to have a website, then you can install the Theme, some Plugin to increase the liveliness and optimize the operation of the website. The theme and the plugin are pre-programmed by designers and developers, the theme is the WordPress plugin website interface used to integrate functionality for the website. Themes and Plugins are free, premium, or a combination of both. The paid version will have more attractive features through which you have many options to use depending on your purpose.

Wordpress has two services, WordPress.com and WordPress.org:

- WordPress.org is the home page of WordPress, allowing you to download the WordPress installer, install it on your host as well as easily customize, manage, download Plugins and themes for your website. You can refer to the custom in the Forum section. This is where the developers talk to each other.

- WordPress.com helps you create a web / Blog, that is, you do not have to install, just register an account and have a website. With this service, you only need to pay to select and maintain the domain every month. However, for this service, you cannot install external Theme and Plugins optionally, you must depend on free storage on WordPress so the website will not be able to integrate unique features and you can not own the suite. My theme.

When using WordPress.org, you need WordPress web code, that is, hire a code developer to give you a theme or plugin of your own, unique and creative that no website has.

WordPress can contain a huge amount of skepticism, it has been used by a lot of big customers but the website speed is extremely fast, and you can adjust and optimize to speed up the website on all ""terrains"" with lots of tricks, such as: Using caching for websites; Reduce the image size; Remove unnecessary plugins; Using the CDN service; Select the appropriate Theme; Optimize web data sources; Reduce the number of ads on the page.

This is a very good support tool for SEO, you can create many satellite websites quickly and easily but not as expensive as creating a normal website.

Website creation tool completely mobile-friendly, you can create websites on your mobile device and easily download WordPress Mobile App and WordPress Android App