Word Cross – Word Cheese

Word Cross - Word Cheese apk is an innovative crossword puzzle game that requires intelligence as well as knowledge from you. This is a simple but also challenging game. The word puzzles, crossword, and word search skills are combined in a very playful way. At the same time, the game also inspires the passion to challenge your brain.

Word Cross game - Word Cheese is a free puzzle game with more than 2,000 different challenges for players to freely explore knowledge to complete all challenges and give you daily bonuses when you play the gameplay every day. To collect free money without paying, you need to complete the levels by finding all the exact words. If you want to skip ahead, you can buy unlocked coins to new levels.

Word Cross - Word Cheese lets you play games on themed boards that you can customize. The game is a great way for you to train your brain, improve spelling and learn new words in English. It has ads and in-app purchases, such as in-game coins that are used to buy more lives. You can claim rewards, or more lives, from your friends playing the game via social media.

This is a game that will challenge children and teenagers to enjoy brain training games. The game starts easy, but will gradually increase in difficulty as you pass the levels. Do this by using letter tiles to create words. Try to achieve success in this game by solving crosswords with all the helpful tools, such as game suggestions or suggestions.

FEATURED of Word Cross – Word Cheese

Word Cross - Word Cheese is a lot of players choose to entertain by its attractive features such as:

- Every rule in the game is very simple and easy. You just need to swipe and connect to become the winner of a fascinating intellectual game.

- This is a completely free game for you to get yourself daily bonuses

- Word Cross - Word Cheese unlimited time also adjusts your speed at every level of play.

- Find words with bonuses to collect extra money.

- Over 2000 unrepeatable levels, be a master in our training!

- Regardless of age, the game is suitable for both children and adults to practice word search skills.

- It does not require network for you to play and you can enjoy the game anytime you want.

How to play Word Cross – Word Cheese game

- Your task is to slide the letters to arrange words to fill the horizontal and vertical gaps on the board.

- Click the "Random" button to change the order of the letters if it is not correct.

- Click the "Hint" button to find clues if you have difficulty solving a puzzle.

- Get lots of money offers by buying or watching videos.