Word Cookies apk

Word Cookies apk is a crossword game through very attractive alphabet cake. Your task in this game is to use the cakes available on the pan to form words. An entertaining game with lots of exciting challenges will help you test your spelling skills and this game greatly enhances your English vocabulary.

Features of Word Cookies

Word Cookies game has simple graphics, easy gameplay, but exciting content will give players the feeling of conquering the vocabulary.

It is not only entertaining but also highly educational to help people practice or learn more about English vocabulary; the game helps to create motivation for everyone, especially for children.

It has over 300 different levels, each with different levels of difficulty. In the early levels, you only need to find keywords with few letters, and the number of letters will increase gradually in the next level.

You can change the order of the letters to help you remember words more easily. Storing a letter will make it harder for you to imagine letters that you haven't used for a long time, maybe when you shuffle them up you can see them better.

Word Cookies has no time limit so you won't be confined and stressed and your brain will always be in a good position to remember better, which will help you think long and think more words.

First play you will receive 200 free coins. When you play daily, you will receive daily rewards. When you complete the game, you will receive coins, accumulate a lot of coins to become the best player here. You can use hints, using the number of bonus coins to buy hints. Using less assistance will help you keep more coins.

The file is easily downloaded for free and is supported on many mobile devices like Android, IOS.

How to play Word Cookies game

You will swipe the letters on the baking pan to form a complete word, and this word will appear on the box above. Words can form horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and even vice versa.