Wifi map

Wifi map is an application that helps connect free wifi to public Wi-Fi hotspots shared by users, wifi map is the largest wifi community with millions of free hotspots, with passwords and comments from users. real. This is a special software when providing users with a wifi connection password in their area. The software connects to devices via GPS to present all the different wifi access points available and provides a password so users can connect to the hotspot of their choice.

With this application, wifi map will help users to save the cost of using data networks of 3G, 4G, save battery, watch movies, listen to music ... without having to worry.

wifi map provides passwords of public wifi hotspots shared by users with comments about the connection speed, the stability of the connection from real users. Besides, you can easily contribute and share new wifi hotspots by adding wifi information from places you visit.

One of the great things about wifi map is that it works on both laptops and computers, meaning that people who want to work a bit while they are away from the office will be able to connect to the network without Pay for using an internet cafe. The software works on all major operating systems and provides a smooth and efficient service, although it can use up battery power.

Features of wifi map

- Free Internet access when you connect to wifi.

- Millions of wifi access points are available worldwide

- wifi passwords and tips

- Smart search

- Navigate on the map

- Filter by wifi closest to you

- Share wifi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for your friends

- You can add wifi hotspots around you

Some new features:

- Added ability to view photos full screen.

- Fixed an error adding "home WiFi".

- Fixed language translation.

- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

How to use wifi map:

After installing the application to your computer, you absolutely can use it immediately. You need to launch the wifi map. Here the application will display the nearest wifi access point with their password, which means you are now connected to wifi and used comfortably. Download the wifi map to your mobile phone right away to explore as well as not miss many special and interesting things.