WhosHere is a free mobile app to find friends by location "Totally Free", free, no worries to chat and meet people with similar views nearby and around the world.

With ten million users, WhosHere is an ideal app for making friends, making connections and communicating with people nearby and around the world. Create links through sharing images; gifts; and chat via text message or call right in the app.

WhosHere apk doesn't even ask for any personal information to allow you to chat or call other users. So absolutely do not need to provide your phone number, email, or IM address unless you want. It depends on how you want to connect.

There are over 8 million awesome users around the world connecting via the WhosHere mobile app every day to make friends, socialize, chat, date, exchange photos, chat or search for passion and random Find your other half.

Launched in 2008, WhosHere app is one of the first geolocation-aware dating and social networking apps on the app store. With constant updates and application development over the years, we have enhanced security and customization features to give you a safe and enjoyable experience. With millions of active users interacting around the world, you'll never get bored. Moreover, with proven security features over time, you won't have to worry about anything.

Online interactions can open up opportunities to make friends and get to know each other, but privacy is always a major concern. With other applications, there is always a risk that you might interact with the wrong person. However, with the WhosHere app, we eliminate that risk for you by hiding your name, phone number and profile information when you interact and chat with strangers. You can reveal your identity but only do so when you're 200% sure!

Why waste time viewing profiles is not so fun while WhosHere can help more accurately match your interests to millions of profiles and give out the users you have the highest chance of success. most, regardless of your goals. This feature makes WhosHere connect users much faster.

WhosHere for android not only allows you to search for nearby friends, but also can connect you with users in another city or another country. You just need to buy virtual "Air Tickets" using WhosHere points and make virtual flights to anywhere in the world and search for interesting people there. This is a great feature to plan your vacation or to make friends in your favorite city!

Download this app for free; Complete the profile and you are ready to connect. Discover and interact with complete strangers and interesting, old and new friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances around you. Chat privately, exchange photos, chat with your crush and block anyone who annoys you! Want more than that? Upgrade to activate paid features and experience many extremely interesting things.

Feature of WhosHere

- No need to register on iOS

- Can register via Facebook or email on Android

- Create a profile, add photos, your interests and more

- Chat privately

- Share photos

- Save your favorite profile