Whatfinger News

Whatfinger news is a news aggregator with a far-right bias. While they include sources from left-leaning publications, their added commentary skewed heavily in favor of conservatives. Whatfinger news is well organized and across the board, featuring headline news from various sources, categories for right and left wing stores (with a much smaller back!), And a featured video section.

Whatfinger News replacing the Drudge Report? The new news aggregate site is better maintained, faster, and contains more independent news links, including bloggers like BNI. The Drudge Report no longer serves as the go-to daily news aggregate site for an increasing number of conservative, pro-Trump news consumers: That mantle has been taken over by Whatfinger.

It was a busy week for me and for the world. Work’s a bear but nothing new there. The Democrats have been incredibly busy shooting themselves in the foot and everywhere else. And that gives me plenty to write about. And we had a ton of visits from folks linking from WhatFinger News. That’s a great thing. Welcome to all you new folks.

And I survived to the weekend so I’ll be able to put some fun stuff up. I just listened to Tyler Childers’ new country music album, Country Squire. It’s got several songs I like a lot. I’ll review it this weekend. I’ve got some classic SF books I’ve been rereading that I think merit review

And I’ve got some ideas for a post looking at how the various groups on the right wing agree and disagree and how I think they can mutually benefit from the present situation and going forward.

And as entertaining as the Democrat Debates were, I’ll have to say seeing the insanity on display was a little off-putting and depressing. Even Bill Clinton could pass for normal. These people are putting on display beliefs that really should qualify them for straitjackets. We’re going to have to reclaim the psychiatric field from the lunatics at some point. These people need to be off the streets.