WeChat apk

WeChat (also known as Weixin in China) is a communication application originating from China, allowing users to chat by video, audio or text directly on smartphones ... and operate as a plus, like social networks. This is an application of Tencent, one of the largest software firms in China.

Currently, WeChat is available in more than 200 countries, with more than 20 languages, every day more than 900 million people use webchat and up to 38 billion messages are sent.

WeChat, operating on both Android and iOS platforms is equipped with the "Look Around" feature, which allows other users to easily identify those who use WeChat near their location.

Features of WeChat

- Enrich your conversation with color stickers: When you chat, you can insert emoticons and stickers, all for free!

- Create a live chat: It only takes a few hours to start a group chat and live voice chat. This is a multi-user music player that makes the conversation more direct and enjoyable.

- Make video calls: You can talk face to face with your friends. During a call, you can choose to switch between video and audio.

- Meet new people online: You shake your device and find other people around you doing the same thing. There will be a list of results, you can choose a contact that you intrigues and send Chat messages to get to know them.

- Chat using your computer: WeChat has implemented a version for chatting directly in your browser.

- Share ‘Moments’ with Facebook: This function is similar to Facebook posts but more focused on photos. Sharing ‘Moments’ on Facebook is easy thanks to Facebook integration. All you have to do is take a photo, add a comment (if you want) and hit submit.

- Integrated photo editing: The application has integrated image editing, allowing you to edit photos with all the different filters.

You can download whatsapp to experience more of the free listening, calling, chatting features.

How to use WeChat App

1. Send a message: click the Contacts button, select a friend's name and click Messages to open the chat dialog.

2. Type your message into the message field and press Send. If you want to add emoticons, then click on the button with a smiley face. At this point, you can click to select an emoticon.

3. Send pictures or videos. To the right of the message field is the + button. Click on it and then Images to send the image. If you allow WeChat to access the Camera folder, you will see your photos and videos right in this app. Click on the picture you want to add to the message. Click Send to send.

4. Take photos or record videos to send. Click this button and then the Camera button to take photos or record videos. Next, click Use Photo WeChat to send photos/videos you have just taken.

5. Make a voice or video chat. Besides sending text messages, photos and videos, you can also use WeChat for voice or video chat. Click the + button and then select Voice Call or Video Call. When someone hasn't added you to your friends' list, you won't be able to make a voice or video chat with that person.