War Tortoise is a shooter combining tower defense with unique clicker gameplay. The game is developed based on pure defense play with fast speed and the goal of fighting back against a series of waves of enemies. War Tortoise is an impressive multi-genre matching game. With the perfect combination of shooters, idle games and idle gamers, War Tortoise has unique gameplay that anyone can enjoy and love

Control the mighty War Tortoise - a fully equipped heavy tank with powerful weapons and automatic turrets! Equip weapons, recruit units, build defenses, collect resources and ultimately fight the onslaught of enemies.

In the War Tortoise action game, the player's main task is to protect a specific area/target (a turtle-shaped armored tank) while using items earned through defeating enemies. enemies to upgrade combat skills and build advanced defense systems.

The enemies in War Tortoise are also quite bizarre. It is the animals with strange shapes and the ability to attack quickly, forcing you to be extremely flexible in controlling guns, firing and "knocking down quickly, destroying" each wave of attack. Of course, it is indispensable to upgrade the capacity and equip turtle tanks or weapons to get ready for the next defense screen. In addition, players of War Tortoise for iOS are allowed to hire additional support troops to defend together in larger battles.

The gameplay of War Tortoise for Android really couldn't be simpler. You just need to touch the screen to move the viewfinder, and when aiming at the enemy, the weapon you choose will automatically fire. This game is really not a pure shooter but combined with tactical gameplay, shown in how you choose when to upgrade the various weapons and skills, as well as how you overcome. Each giant wave of enemies. War Tortoise is really an interesting action game for shooter fans.


- A unique combination of shooters, idle games and tower defense games.

- Incredible 3D graphics - enjoy spectacular battles right in your device screen.

- Participate in large-scale battles with multiple attacks of enemies.

- Countless combat units, defenses, and upgrades for players to explore.

- Customize your gameplay with powerful equipment types.

- Recruiting legendary military units with separate abilities.

- Explore 8 new worlds in each time and different weather conditions.

- Face many types of special enemies.

- Play games and get bonus points.

- Raising the Prestige Index to a new level to help you bring back extremely valuable rewards.

- Auto Play mode allows automatic gameplay. Useful autoplay mode.

- Multilingual platform support: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Through the mysterious War Tortoise tank control mission series, players are also equipped with powerful weapons and automatic fighting to deal with a variety of enemies.

War Tortoise for iOS is a quite diverse game and contains many attractive elements to exploit. In which your mission is to equip weapons, recruit troops, build defenses, collect resources ... through the intense shooting. The combination of many game genres is the factor that makes War Tortoise score points on the huge mobile market today.