Walkie-talkie is an application that allows users to select channels and chat on those channels with all others.

Features of Walkie-talkie

The application has many channels, you can participate in any channel.

The application connects users in the same geographical area and the same age group.

The application has a channel scanning system that allows users to search for all channels looking for channels to see if anyone is talking and start talking. You also can invite a person or a group of people on public channels to a private channel and have a private conversation.

Send a text or voice message to one or a group of users.

The app gives users the ability to chat with other people, without privacy and any agency with this app placed on the same channel will be able to hear or see you.

This application is not recommended for children.

The application turns your phone into a radio and works anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

You can use video calling directly with a friend, for a group call directly with your family or any other person or group.

Send photos, text or location to your friends instantly.

Free face-to-face voice over any network or Wi-Fi connection.

See who's available or busy

Messages are saved even when your phone is turned off and can be viewed at any time.

The application is completely free and has no ads.

Notifications about messages or calls for your convenience.

For registered users, they will get more benefits, can choose other users they like and invite them to a separate channel. Can synchronize chats between devices. If you don't like using an account, you can easily delete it.

All users can create a 20-character key with the ""private"" button and share and create a private network that only users with this code can connect.

The application is very secure, all private messages and your data are kept confidential, you have control of your messages even after they are sent.

To install and use, you need to allow the application to access the device, the access does not affect other applications.

The application supports multiple languages ​​to help people from different countries easily talk to each other.

Fun app that helps you make friends from around the world or have fun chatting, meeting interesting friends. Currently the application has been used by many users around the world.

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