Volvo On Call

Volvo On Call is an emergency-tracking and tracking-based service combined with an application to remotely control your Volvo from a smartphone, smartwatch or iPad. This service allows you to remotely access your Volvo along with loads of convenient and useful safety features.

Subscriptions include useful functions in three areas:

- Volvo On Call mobile app (available via iTunes, Google Play Store and Microsoft Store) - door lock / unlock, remote engine start/stop, vehicle warning, driving log, info car, honk and flash, send to the car, calendar cards, and roadside assistance

- Safety services - direct access to accident or incident services from Volvo Roadside

- Security service - remotely unlock the door with Volvo On Call, notify burglar alerts, track stolen vehicles and in some car estate areas

Features of Volvo on Call:

- Check your Volvo dashboard status, such as fuel and battery level, odometer, and more.

- Access your driving magazine; categorize trips, rename trips, view fuel and battery consumption, speed, view your trips on a map, and email driving logs.

- Lock and unlock your Volvo remotely.

- Start, stop, and set a timer for Volvo car heaters or climate in your cabin.

- Start and stop your engine remotely.

- Find and send destinations to your Volvo navigation system.

- Check if your Volvo is locked and if any doors or windows are open.

- Receive a notification if you unlock Volvo or if the alarm is triggered.

The useful Driving Log function of Volvo On Call gives the driver the ability to track the distance and travel time, fuel consumption, and start/end position on your journey. All data is available for direct upload to Microsoft Excel. You can't remember where you parked your Volvo? Access a map of the exact location of your vehicle along with directions to it. You can ask it to flash and honk to find it fast.

Volvo On Call is available on factory-equipped Volvo models 2012 and above. The Volvo On Call app provides many different functions depending on the specific Volvo model you have. Free trial registration, limited time is started when the car is purchased and Volvo On Call is activated. Registration can be renewed by contacting your Volvo retailer. Registration costs vary depending on the specific Volvo vehicle you own. Visit this link for detailed information about the individual services provided with their availability.