If you want to create your own sound with effects, then Voloco is a great choice for you. With it, you can automatically adjust your voice to create songs from any phrase or sentence you speak (or sing). Use a basic song from your library or app repository, add keys and effects and get ready to record the coolest audio and video.

The free Voloco version offers four different effects that allow you to create completely different sounds. The 'loud chorus' allows you to create a song with seven harmonious voices, while the 'Difficult melody' allows you to apply the classical 'auto tune' effect. Other effects are 'SuperVocoder' and 'Natural Melody', providing less spectacular results.

Voloco is an optional feature where you can use the 'backing track' option to add a song in the background to help you keep a steady beat. However, note that this feature only works if you are using your headset.

When you finish recording your voice, you can listen to the results with the auto-adjust effect applied. If you're happy with it, you can save the audio file to Android or share it directly via any installed app.

Voloco is an application that provides some really interesting results. Plus the audio files you create are stored in MP4 format, so you have no trouble playing them on any other application. We can say this is a perfect application than any other application that you are looking for by the advantages that it brings to users.

Features of Voloco:

- Voloco allows you to record your performances with audio or video so you can easily share them. Create your own music video selfie! Post it on Instagram and tag anyone.

- If you want to end your mix with another application, you can rap or sing through a piece of music, record your own voice and output your final chords elsewhere.

- Check out some of the professional quality tracks users have made with Voloco in the Top Tracks section of the app.

- Choose a beat from the beat library to rap or sing through.

- Voloco has eight pre-installed vocal effects packages for use with selections.

How to use Voloco:

Once you've selected your favorite options and effects, recording audio and video with Voloco is as simple as clicking the big red button in the middle of the screen and releasing yourself. The tool analyzes each note and will fine-tune your voice, whether you are speaking, singing or rap. You have dozens of presets to choose from, divided into several options that offer very different styles.