Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is an application that supports recording voice and saving to WAV format file and allows users to listen again after recording. The program is very useful for learning foreign languages, helping users improve their pronunciation.

Free Voice Recorder is a simple but effective software, designed to record and save in WAV format, specialized for voice recording.
Before using Voice Recorder, note that you need to connect the recording device to the computer, otherwise the program will not work. Once you've set everything up, press the ""Start Recording"" button to start recording, but you won't be able to pause or postpone until the end.
Voice Recorder is a recording software on the computer with simple functions, serving the most basic recording needs, if you want more recording editing features, you can refer to some software Other recordings we introduced on taimienphi.

Want to create a voice note? This free, standalone application is a good way for you to get the job done.
The simple and intuitive Voice Recorder allows you to record a voice and save it or email it with your default Gmail account on your Android phone (still doesn't support attaching SMS or posting to social networks. ).
You also have the option to turn any recording into a ringtone, if you like to sing a song and record it. Run a recording from this app or from a widget so you can get quick access from the start screen. During testing, the application's performance is very good."