Viu (also known as Viu tv) is an application for you to watch and download movies and shows with different channels from different countries with different genres and languages.

Features of Viu

Viu app contains a store of popular movies and shows from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Turkey, the Middle East, Viu India, and many other countries. Movies and shows including dramas, activities, horror, comedies, romance, thriller movies, sports, and celebrities, such as Song Joong-ki, Shin Ye Park, Kim Tae hee, Song Hye Kyo...

The content and shows are regularly updated and notified when the latest episodes are right when they are released.

You can easily find the content you want to see through the search box or in categories.

You can view the same account on Android, IOS, computer devices, and have the synchronization between devices. When you view and save programs on one device, the other devices display the same.

You can share the videos you watch with others on social media.

Download videos to watch when you do not have an internet connection, the download can be done simultaneously with watching videos and you can download multiple videos at the same time. Download and watch movies and music videos anytime and anywhere you want. The downloader offers both HD and SD quality options.

You can watch most live shows and movies for free with the ability to rewind. Change audio mode, video quality, choose the light-dark mode. The application supports subtitles in many different languages ​​to help viewers everywhere easily see the program or movie.

The app allows you to easily stream videos from your smartphone to your TV, with the same wifi connection making the transmission between devices very fast and extremely simple.

You can create your favorite playlists and add your favorite videos to it later so you can watch it again without searching, which saves you a lot of time.

Application suitable for all audiences, ages of viewers, for children will have programs for them with animated films or children's programs extremely attractive and interesting.

To install and use, you need to allow the application to access the device, it is safe and legal, it does not violate any laws here, not viruses.

Every registered viewer can comment and rate on the videos, through which you and everyone know what's good and decide what to watch, which saves you a lot of time.

With this app, in addition to watching your favorite shows, you can also chat with like-minded people and meet new friends everywhere and can meet you if you're near each other.