Vimeo is an online video sharing service application for Android, Windows phone and iOS device users
The application has only 3 video effects and a few transition effects as well as insert text ... When finished editing, Vimeo also allows you to upload that video directly to your Vimeo account easily. Besides, the application is also a video portal to find and enjoy the videos available on

Vimeo owns a smooth video player with fast response speed. When you search for other videos, the player continues to display with a small screen in the right corner. Besides, the application also owns a minimalist and neat interface. While YouTube or DailyMotion is more about quality, Vimeo focuses on video quality. A better encode method together with a higher bitrate gives videos smooth playback. Along with 720p quality, you will find videos on Vimeo much more impressive.

Main function

Watch and manage all the Vimeo videos you currently have.
Watch videos from Vimeo inbox, Watch Later queue, or like videos.
Use NFC Tap-to-Share to share Vimeo videos between phones.
Create live titles from favorite videos or channels.
Easily like, comment and add videos to Watch Later queue.
Discover new and interesting videos.
Quickly search for videos on Vimeo.
Easily upload your footage in HD format.
Stop and continue posting.
Replace existing video.
Share via social networks Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.
Add videos to Groups, Channels, and Albums.