Viki apk

Viki is an application for watching movies and TV shows from around the world. Variety shows and Kpop music shows, dramas, diverse TV shows, fashion and lifestyle videos from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and other countries.

Features of Viki

Viki app makes it possible for people to watch a variety of programs with content from music shows, psychological movies, action movies, sports shows, lifestyle ... Programs with enough content will make you see and know more.

All shows are updated so you can watch the latest hits, the latest music shows, etc. this helps you not to miss interesting shows.

You can download the program to watch when there is no internet connection. Downloading doesn't affect what you watch, meaning you can download multiple videos and keep watching the show.

You can easily find the programs you want, just enter the information in the search box. After searching, a list of related content and trailers will be displayed, you can easily find what you need or preview the content of the program so you do not have to spend a lot of time. to watch uninteresting shows.

The videos have subtitles in different languages, the main language here is English, this is also a popular language so that viewers everywhere can understand the video content.

This application is completely safe and legal, it does not violate any laws here, not viruses.

With this app, in addition to watching your favorite shows, you can also chat with other like-minded fans, which will help you never feel lonely and meet new friends everywhere and can see you in person if you're near each other.

Videos have ratings and reviews so you know what is good and decide what to watch, which doesn't take much of your time. Either open the gallery and see what the app's friendly staff and fans have managed for you or explore the app's library through popular genres like romance and history.

These shows are interesting, you can also share your own with other fans.

The basic application will have ads, you can sign up for Viki Pass for a great HD experience without ads. You can use the 7-day free trial offer with the terms and conditions of the free trial offer at any time without notice.

The app requires access to the device to install and use.

The application loads very quickly and easily. You just need to download Viki apk at this site and install it on your device.

Viki for android is very safe and secure, your personal information and data are kept confidential.

The application is compatible with most different devices such as computers, Viki android, and iOS so you can watch anytime anywhere.

Most applications have unavoidable shortcomings, if you have any suggestions or suggestions, please contact the manufacturer about those shortcomings so that they can be promptly corrected and repaired. for further improvement.